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Born: Steve Schneider, Brooklyn,  May 5th 1959
Parents: Ruth & Edward Schneider
Brother: Eric
Ex-wife: Marlene
Girlfriend: Josie Pearl

Public School 104 in Far Rockaway
Junior High School 180 in Rockaway Beach
High School of the Performing Arts (didn't finish)

His father bought himself a guitar when Steve was about 7 & Steve says he was drawn immediately to it. He found he had a natural aptitude for it & would practice sometimes for 4 or 5 hours every day.
He attended a music day camp for 3 summers at The Usdan Center For the Arts. Steve says he loved this place & he soon discovered his love for Flamenco guitar. One of his first guitar teachers was a flamenco guitarist. Whilst he was at the Performing Arts School, one of the students was Mario Escodero Jr. and his father Sr., was the guitarist for the Jose Greco Dance Company.
Around this time Steve became aware of Paco De Lucia & was also a John McLaughlin fan & his love of the nylon string grew.

Steve grew up in New York & in his neighbourhood, Rockaway Beach, nearly everyone played guitar.
Steve recalls many happy memories of warm carefree evenings, sitting on the beach with his pals, jamming into the night & whilst still only a teenager he was playing live in just about every club in Long Island & the outer boroughs of New York.
He played a number of times with Twisted Sister on this circuit. across New York up to four times a week.

Steve played in a band called  One Hand Clap & it was here that he hooked up with Ray Melnik.
They played Long Island clubs almost six nights a week for about a year and gained quite a following.
Steve eventually moved on to join the Fine Malibus in New York City.
The Fine Malibus all lived and rehearsed in a 3000 square foot loft on west 30th street.
There were band members, girlfriends and road crew.
Here Steve was forever wiring his gadgets, sound boards and effects units, playing different sounds into the pickups of his guitar and wiring unusual lights and things to his effects board.       
They played clubs all across Long Island.
They caught the attention of Jimmy Miller who originally produced some of the first Rolling Stones albums and he arranged for them to record an album at Nassau, Bahamas - Compass Point studios, which was funded by Chris Blackwell of Island Records.

They spent 2 months there and even played a local club at night.
They wrote & recorded an album of the same name with Island Records but it was never released.
Steve began to feel restless & decided to move on.
He started placing ads in the Village Voice looking for other musicians.

Bill Aucoin introduced Steve and Billy Idol to each other
Steve initially agreed to help Billy find a band & help with the auditions.
Steve says he never had an audition himself, it just kind of ‘happened’ & ‘assumed’
that he would fill the guitarists slot.

Release of the self titled Billy Idol album
Steve recalls how the songs came together using their individual experiences & talents. Some of the songs were  written in the basement of Steve’s parents home; Billy would come around with some lyrics & Steve would work some loops & grooves around them & the combined magic very quickly culminated into the legendry songs still played & loved across the world today.

Release of the second Billy Idol album "Rebel Yell", followed by a 2 year world wide tour.

Release of the third Billy Idol album "Whiplash Smile".
Whiplash Smile took a while to produce. Steve is quoted as saying he was not totally happy with the new direction the album was taking, in particular the use of the electronics, (a drum machine & synthesisers) leaving no requirement for other musicians. Steve said he felt this affected the overall feel of the material, preferring to have other live musicians to work off.
None the less Whiplash was released in 1986 & quickly went double platinum.

During this time Steve was offered a contract with Warner Brothers & decided he would like to take the opportunity to work on some solo material.

Grammy for "Top Gun Anthem" (with Harold Faltermeyer)
in the category
'Beste Instrumentaldarbietung - Pop (Best Pop Instrumental Performance, Orchestra, Group Or Soloist)'

Release "Atomic Playboys" & American tour.

Steve went on to work with many artists on many different types of projects.
(See Discography page for complete listings)
He recorded & performed with the Japanese artist Kyosuke Himuro & wrote, recorded & toured extensively with Vince Neil.

Moved to Los Angeles
He has spent several years building his own home studio (The Purple Room) at his luxury apartment.
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Release of "Flamenco A Go Go"

1999 - 2002
Back with Billy Idol doing a series of tours across America & Australia.   
It included a live Storytellers show & a feature in the Billy Idol: Behind the Music production, both for VH1


15 June - 22 September:  Billy Idol Tour
16 October - 30 December:  The Beat Haze Odyssey Tour across Japan with the Japanese artist Kyosuki Himuro


20 July - 7 September :  Billy Idol Tour
26 - 31 December:  Billy Idol 3 gigs


24 August - 10 October:  Billy Idol Tour              


10 - 17 September :  Billy Idol 4 gigs       

Release "Devil's Playground"
Tour 14 March - 8 December, including Europe for the first time since the early 80's.

The Billy Idol band is working on a new album & touring again.

6 March:  1 gig in Las Vegas
1 - 23 July:  European Tour
28 July - 19 August:  US Tour